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Eun Woo Cho 조은우 +

2013 Mphil / PhD Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts
2007 MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York
2004 BFA, Ontario College of Arts & Design Toronto Ontario, Canada
2000 Balmorals Hall Girls High School, Winnipeg Canada Diploma

2008 to 2013 Exit Art New York, NY. (O-1 Artist Visa Sponsorship)

2017 Hyundai General Motors (Lecture on the relationship between the 4th industrial revolution and creative services) 현대자동차 글로벌 CS 이노베이션 세미나 예술가Talk (4차 산업혁명과 창의적 서비스와의 관계강연)
2017 Suwon Women’s University ( Movie & Exhibition)
2017 Kangnam University ( Beauty & Exhibition )
2016 Anayng University안양대학교 MICE 전시경영예술 및 아이디 쿱/Giangson Office/Radio M/ 안양대학교 본관
2013 ECV- École de Communication Visuelle Paris, France (영상/퍼포먼스 초청강의)

Group Exhibitions (생략55회)
2017 AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Korea
2017 Y-Makers: Brain Wave & Polyphonic 세운상가, 서울문화재단, Seoul Korea
2017 AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City, 21th Korean Science Festival in Kintex, Il-San Korea
2017 AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City, Platform L Seoul Korea
2017 Personals, Skowhegan 136 W 22nd New York
2013 Red Skirt Performance, Socratest Park New York
2010 Dasein no.3 & no.4, 92 Y Gallery New York
2009 Favoritisme à la Galerie Riff Art Projects à Strasbourg, France
2009 뉴욕 한국문화원 Korean Cultural Center New York Exhibitions Akin TO.
2008 Les Rencontres Internationales Paris/Germany, (영상 설치 프로그램: 작품명 Gate)
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Germany/REINA SOFIA NATIONAL MUSEUM Spain Madrid/Beaux-arts de France Paris
2008 "First Person: Seven Women And Video" Heimbold Visual Art Center
2008 Art Expo, les expos de Salses le Château FA, France
2007 Friction Performance at Exit Art New York, NY
2007 Traveling Show
-Boots Contemporary Art Space St. Louis, Missouri
-Finesilver Gallery San Antonio, Texas
-Arthur Roger Project Space New Orleans, Louisiana
2006 Exit Art, Performance, Constructed, New York, NY
2006 Woman Made Gallery, "Her Mark" Chicago
2005 Visual Art Gallery, "Scale" New York, NY
2004 Go West, at Tater Gallery at Queen St. Toronto Canada
2003 OCAD Off Campus Exhibition, At Florence, Italy.
2002 Toronto Alternative Art International, Toronto Canada

2012 College Arts Association New York Conference for Artist Media Exhibition:
Da-Sein No.3, No.4

2013 IDSVA Brown University Residency Long Island US
2009 IDSVA New York Symposium Residency New York
2008 IDSVA Spannocchia Foundation Italia
2008 Skowhegan Residency Poltland Main Shoraship Program
2008 광주비엔날레 젊은큐레아터 초청(옌례보고) An Annual Report
2006 C.A.T Art Residency Toulouse, France

2009 Honorarium Exhibition at School 33 Art Center
2009 한국문화예술원 Los Angels
2002 Awarded the David W. Bain Scholarship, Drawing & Painting, Ontario College of Art & Design
2001 Scholarship Florence Program, Off campus
1999 First Award, Red River Exhibition Association, Steve Repa Memorial Award.
1999 Red River Exhibition Association, Second Award Batik Contest