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Art & Science Multimedia Installation AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City eunwoocho korean artist
AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City

Art & Science Multimedia Installation
23.6ft x11.8ftx7.8ft (720cmx360cmx240cm)
August 2017

Science fiction movies such as The Matrix may not be the hottest fictional scenarios any more, but some people think that the future it foretold could happen, that, in the near future, artificial intelligence will replace humans, both physical body and mind. Such people believe that not only will the artificial intelligence control the human body and mind, but also it will control the whole world.
Following these concerns, AI did not provide an ultimate solution for a new humanism; however we can see that AI will be a new tool for humans and machines to communicate and support each other. Relate to these concerns on the post-human condition, my art & science installation work entitled by AI, Brain Wave & Ideal City focuses on the bi-aspect of technology and way in which the work discuss about how can humans and machines coexist together: not destroy/control/harm the other’s purposes or boundaries but harmoniously coexist together. Therefore between human and machine one should search for what each individual’s original purpose is, rather than argue over who has more power and who does not; humans find the dialectical connections with these artifacts (art, various objects, language, and AI ) that reveal the quest for the truth of Being.
Following these reasons, in my work, I uses the first model of AI, which is human brain, in particular the brain waves, to create an installation that controls the LED light with an brain wave (EGG) machine. As described above, when the viewer who wears the brain wave machine they can controlling the LED light program using their own brain waves. Therefore, while viewer looking at the work they can see the endless shining green light reflected in the mirror, the numerous pieces of chrome brains on display like commodities, and the viewer's brain waves to control the LED light program by their own brain waves.Through these questions from above, my installation work leads us to experience dialectically about the correlation between human beings and science and technology, and the world of multiple objects is gathered in a common space and time ('co-being', simultaneous with other beings).